Everything You Wanted To Know About Us

About WebWise Websites Inc.

ebWise Websites Inc. started off under another the name of Weather Edge in 1996 by founder Adam Frederick. Back then the company was started to be a weather forecasting and website design company. The business quickly grew in its website design and hosting. The name
Weather Edge no longer fit the primary purpose of the business so the new name, WebWise Websites Inc. was established when the business incorporated in 2009. It was at this point that Tim McCleary came onboard as Vice President and lead graphic designer.
ince 2009, WebWise Websites has continued to grow quickly and the services we offer has increased even quicker. With the extra business and services, WebWise created stratgic partnerships with various providers that have the same goal of high quality services at affordable rates.
Our goal when we incorporated is the same goal as it is today and into the future; make high quality websites at rates that any sized business can afford.